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ICIM Conference - Lexington KY


Seeking Global Advances In Healthcare

The International College of Integrative Medicine is a community of dedicated physicians who advance innovative therapies in integrative medicine by conducting educational conferences, supporting research, and cooperating with other scientific organizations, while always promoting the highest standards of practice.

A welcome letter:

Welcome to the International College of Integrative Medicine! While we are not a college of brick and mortar, we create a space where physicians and other health care providers can learn about the latest scientific evidence for integrative medicine from around the world. Our passion is to empower doctors to give the most effective care for their patients.

You can find a doctor here on our "Find a Physician" page. You can learn where our next conference will be and what cutting edge knowledge will be shared on our "Conferences" page. Our organization is a place  where you can learn about a body of knowledge we call integrative medicine that can transform your life and your medical practice.






Our sixty-first CME conference is coming up in Atlanta on March 2 through 6: It’s a Gut Feeling: Exposing the Connection Between Brain and Gut. Please join us there!

We facilitate learning
  • surrounded by a warm community of supportive colleagues who aren’t afraid to ask questions
  • nurtured by abundant healthy food to enhance your mind and spirit
  • refreshed by our blend of humor and adventure, and opportunities to explore Atlanta
  • inspired by people and ideas

Science has uncovered so much about the interconnection between “guts” and “brain”: the enteric nervous system, the microbiome, and environmental influences both internal and external, all affect the two-way communication between both organs. There are many educational resources exploring the subject this year. It is such an essential thing for every physician to understand, that we have decided to use our Spring meeting to study it as carefully and thoroughly as possible.

Tell the story
Ellie Campbell DO will be your host, guiding the audience through the learning experience and adding her wisdom, peppered with many clinical stories, to the speakers’ lectures. Ellie joined ICIM in 2007 when she came to our meeting to present an awesome lecture on Vitamin D. Now Dr. Campbell is our Program Co-Chair with Susan Tanner MD, of Atlanta.

It’s a Gut Feeling will start off with celebrity speaker Tasneem Bhatia MD, presenting The Scientific Basis for the Brain in our Belly. Dr. Taz is a physician, best-selling author, associate professor, and international lecturer and has served as a medical expert for CNN Headline News, Dr. Oz, and as a columnist and contributing editor for Prevention Magazine.

Fight the fungus
John Parks Trowbridge MD is a giant in the field of integrative medicine, and one of the creators of our organization. In 1986 John pioneered the gut/brain connection when he explained the devastating effects of candida to the mass North American audience in his book The Yeast Syndrome: How to Help Your Doctor Identify & Treat the Real Cause of Your Yeast-Related Illness. Now John is teaming up with John Humiston MD for an update on how to take on the most difficult challenges in helping patients become yeast-free. Donald Dennis MD, a board-certified ENT from Johns Hopkins Hospital, will add his understandings on how to fight mold in our home and work environments.

Understand the barrage on the brain
From gluten to heavy metal toxicity to bio-chemical imbalance, our brains are under attack. We’re calling on an all-star group of scientists to help us understand how to succeed in prevention and treatment: Aristo Vojdani PhD, David Quig PhD, David Haase MD, and Matthew Pratt-Hyatt PhD.

Stretch the boundaries
We know dental health is essential to medical understanding, and we’ve invited Atlanta’s biological dental expert Michaela McKenzie DDS to bring that perspective. Diane Culik MD will discuss medical marijuana with an opinionated panel from across the country.  Anna Cebeca DO reviews hot topics in sexual health, and W.A. (“Butch”) Shrader will fill us in on "low dose allergens", or ultra low dose enzyme activated immunotherapy, a promising answer to autoimmune disease and allergies.

Stay legal, stay safe, stay afloat
On Sunday morning we’ll come together to talk about how we can take care of our own health through “The REST of the Story” by a young doctor who came to ICIM for many years during his medical training, and now serves as the ICIM Millennial Advisor, Zach Cohen MD. An essential way we all need to do self-care is making sure that we can stay in business. Hear the latest in politics, law, and practice publicity to help your business thrive.

To quote Dr. Taz, “Health is your chemistry, your biology, your will and your spirit. There is no other ‘healthy.’”

I sincerely hope to welcome you to Atlanta.


Wendy Chappell
ICIM Executive Director



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